Target & Yahoo Team Up Each Sunday

Each Sunday, Target purchases the prime real estate on the Yahoo! Home page – this presents context sensitive offers based on past click throughs and links back to the Sunday circular.

I do believe your promotion effectiveness work will be impacted greatly by the rapidly changing environment over the next few years…The current retailer & manufacturer collaboration model is degrading to a point of being dysfunctional. A couple of thoughts…Target & Yahoo Ad

  • Retailers are maniacally focused on building their own branding (private brands, too).
  • Manufacturers are desperately trying to get their branding messages through to retail in the face of disintegrating mass media.

Tangentially, and very relevant is that retailers are beside themselves as Walgreens, CVS, Target, Best Buy, etc. are printing and distributing 60 million circulars per week – 10+ billion among those four retailers annually with rapidly declining effectiveness. Don’t think anyone knows what is going to fill that void – not to mention the revenue from those vehicles that retailers rely on. Stay tuned.


~ by sjfrenda on November 1, 2009.

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