Social Media and the Importance of “Connecting the Dots”

If you were a gum company trying to promote your new fruit-flavored gum, how would you do it?  Well, you could hire a bunch of college kids to pass out samples in the mall or outside of sporting events. You could put coupons in Val-Pak mailers or the Sunday newspaper advertising inserts.  Maybe you spend the big bucks and launch a nationwide tv campaign.

Supermarket Sonata

A wonderful piece produced by Trident Layers gum

Or…you could hire a half-dozen actors, choreograph a 4-minute musical and have them debut it in one local grocery store.  Oh, and maybe you have a few people video the spectacle so a million viewers can choose to see your marketing message on YouTube in the first week!

That’s exactly what Trident did when they hired Improv Everywhere to promote their new “Trident Layers” gum.  Very interesting move. See this delightful video here Then read “How Smart II” below.

How smart?  Well, Nielsen Company just released research that showed that internet users are watching 25% more online video than they did a year ago – and they expect that to continue increasing. The heaviest consumers of online video?  Teenagers through age 35 – probably a perfect demographic for a new gum product launch.  To put a million viewers per week in perspective, the popular sitcom “The Office” draws an audience of about 8 million viewers every week … but just try to buy a 4-minute ad on network tv.

How smart II? There’s a cloud lurking. Not once do you know this is for Trident via the song, nor at the end are you told to visit their website to learn more. This video generated from the Trident website where you are reminded in the frame-up on YouTube that this product is Trident Layers has generated less than 1,000 views — view the official video here. It is a copy posted by “Improv Everywhere” that has generated over 1 million views and several others generating hundreds.

The big problem — There is virtually no branding on the vid that is generating all of the hits except at the very end and not so prominently at that. So the punch line — If anyone chooses to do a campaign, be sure to connect the dots.


~ by sjfrenda on November 7, 2009.

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