Target / Yahoo & ShopLocal Integrated Effort Taken to a New Level

In the week leading up to “Black Friday”, see how these three companies have integrated efforts to drive retail. It is the most significant effort I have seen to date from a retailer in tandem with a major on-line network.

  • Exhibit #1 – Target secures prime real estate on Yahoo home page – opting for non-traditional green color and taking two display ads.
  • Exhibit #2 – If you follow the link to the circular, you land on the Target circular that is hosted by ShopLocal – That is a business unit of Gannett Publishing that hosts circulars for about 150 retailers nationally. For the first time I noticed they have a “full screen” functionality which facilitates much easier reading.
  • Exhibit #3 – Also embedded in the ad is a link for a video – the purpose of this video is to promote the additional offer of a $10 gift card with $100 in purchases if done before noon on Monday.

What’s interesting about this model is that it appears that Target is funding the advertising. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before this migrates toward a cooperative effort where if a manufacturers product is contained in the circular, they have an opportunity to offer an additional coupon or further engage with the shopper via a recipe, product info. etc. This facilitates a whole new ad funding model for retailers and manufacturers.

Also, a key component of whether this can be sustained is whether it is effective. In the case of major national retailers such as Target, Walgeens, Best Buy, etc. the model of printing and distributing an estimated 50-60m circulars per week is under a lot of stress. What will the next generation of  “value conveyance” look like?


~ by sjfrenda on November 29, 2009.

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