As if DVRs and Tivo were not enough, multi-tasking with a PC while viewing TV on the rise

Many have expressed views over the last couple of years that the continued degradation of traditional media effectiveness continues to put pressure on FMCG advertisers to be more effective in extending their brand message to retail.

As if time shifted TV watching wasn’t enough with DVRs and Tivo, take a look at how we multi-task with PC’s & television viewing. 50% of Gen Y’ers multi-task in this fashion half the time or more.

US online consumers aren’t always paying full attention when watching TV or video, they are very likely to use their PC when watching TV:

More than half of online consumers who watch TV while also using a computer indicate that they browse the Internet for topics not related to what they are watching on TV, and another 44% say they email, chat, and use social networking sites on topics not related to what they are watching on TV.

This continues to degrade traditional media effectiveness. This occurs at a time when manufacturers are trying to do a more effective job of extending their brand message to the shopper through improved  shopper marketing, retail merchandising and packaging. This is in the face of retailers who are more aggressively taking hold of their own branding messages (and private label development) in store.

It will be key over the next couple of years for retailers, manufacturers and other supporting partners to evolve to a new model of collaboration in light of increasing resources and funding being expended in this area of shopper marketing efforts.

The Retail Commission on Shopper Marketing which is engaging 22 retailers, manufacturer and agency advisers is designed to accomplish that goal. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like additional information on this important industry initiative.


~ by sjfrenda on December 31, 2009.

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