Clearly I’m Not Smart Enough To Do The Grocery Shopping

Add to that…I’m really getting annoyed with all the work it takes to save money. Take a look at these pix. On top of a regular price item, there are at least 7 additional schemes in one aisle at a Stop & Shop store in the northeast. This has reached unprecedented levels of pricing insanity in my not so humble opinion.

Compounding this mess, the now fragmented options for obtaining manufacturer coupons: My FSI Sunday clip-fest, my click and print variety and then of course those that I click that get credited to my not so frequent / loyal shopper card. I can hardly wait to begin to have my coupons delivered on my smart phone as well.

I’ve got an idea. How about if we fill our shopping cart with products, scan them at full “sticker price”, then set about having a negotiation with a floor manager and an unseen sales manager. That would at least add an element of adventure to the chore.

If a retailer is truly trying to woo my shopping dollar, they need to remember that in addition to price, I have other things that float my boat… convenience, variety and assortment, or a focus on health and wellness.

Let’s add some other practical considerations to this equation — This can’t be an efficient way to manage prices. The process must be terribly costly ultimately resulting in higher food prices.

I suspect that part of the strategy here is to be able to shout out the “fact” that thousands of prices around the store have been reduced. Over the short term, it’s hard to ascertain whether the prices are actually going up or down. Pricing instability just can’t be good for the shopper’s perception of price integrity — That’s got to figure into the equation somewhere.

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I’d love others viewpoint on this subject.

Thanks to Aaron Chio’s blog for the pix.


~ by sjfrenda on April 2, 2010.

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