Kotex Challenges Conventions and Discussion of Fem Hy Products With UbK Launch

UbK pops off the shelf in what has been a boring category

Attempting to re-write the notions of a young woman’s onset of her menstrual cycle, in March, Kotex encouraged women to “break the cycle” and transform the conversation surrounding woman’s health.

Kotex is nearly 100 years old and introduces this trendy new line, U by Kotex. It is promoted through a series of ads aimed to make fun of all the old stereotypes of menstruation we have seen in ads for the last 50 years.

This hip new product line serves as the brand’s first step in redefining the tone and positioning of the brand by means of encouraging women to change the conversation surrounding feminine care from one of shame and embarrassment to one of open, honest dialogue.

Supported by NewsAmerica shelf talker program

This sets the stage for the Kotex brand to be positioned very differently in the future according to company brand spokespersons. In the future it will be all about truth, transparency and progressive feminine hygeine — as they promote their new tagline to the target audience of 14 to 20 year olds… “Break the Cycle”.

This new U by Kotex line, which includes tampons, pads and liners, has a distinctive and edgy attitude that shows in the stunning jump off the shelf packaging in a category that has shown virtually no imagination for decades. The product launch is supported by a continuum of marketing elements that span the entire path to purchase. They include product placement on the Tyra Banks show; a cause-related campaign entitled “Declaration of real talk”,  supporting Girls for a Change; a community-driven Web site; targeted print, TV and online advertising; direct-to-consumer online communications; extensive consumer sampling and retail in-store support.

A community designed to "Break the Cycle"

The TV and YouTube spots take on a whimsical, yet direct approach to selling feminine care products. I could describe the young, attractive ethnically ambiguous spokesperson who knows you’ll love her, or others like her, but I can’t do it justice so view her for yourself on YouTube. http://ow.ly/1RECd

Samples and coupons available

Along with these self effacing spots, after all Kotex ran the standard fare for years, the new campaign launch includes a community-driven Web site. Visitors to the U by Kotex Web site can sign a “Declaration of Real Talk” (which encourages women to take ownership of their womanhood) and also obtain samples and coupons for these hip new products.

“U by Kotex empowers women and young girls to challenge euphemisms that hide the truth,” stated Aida Flick, Kotex brand director. “As the brand that created the feminine care category more than 90 years ago, it is only appropriate that the Kotex brand is once again taking the lead in empowering women to change the conversation around the importance of women’s health.” The campaign has already made headlines as several networks censored the use of the word “vagina,” as well as other expressions. Will this smart, witty and somewhat controversial campaign break the cycle and transform the discussion? Some would say it already has.

Kmart Ad - May 30

Google search advertising


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