StratConn Event: Retail & Shopper Insights – 1/19 & 1/20

Below is some info on the upcoming Retail and Shopper Insights StratConn — This will be our 4th annual.

Immediately below I have included the roster of the nearly 30 brand manufacturers and retailers we have recruited for the upcoming January 19th-20th event. You will see the titles by company of the committed individuals.

Also, if you scroll down you will see vendors that are scheduled to participate.

This is early to have this robust a roster of commitments as this – this is a nearly full complement of “Guests” – which seems to bode well for the market activity we’ll see in 2011. (I don’t think I’m that good)
If you are a potential “Guest” who is a brand manufacturer or retailer their is no event fee and we even pick up hotels and meals.
The “Hosts” or vendors that attend the event in effect sponsor it… Our 75% repeat rate among Hosts is indicative of the phenomenal cost/value that is generated by having at least 15 – 30 minute “speed dating” meetings over 1 1/2 days.
The following is a roster of the Retail & Shopper insights companies scheduled to attend.
  1. Actionspeak
  2. Bellomy Research
  3. Brandtrust
  4. Brandtruth
  5. Buxton
  6. Crossmark Insights
  7. Decision Insight Inc.
  8. EmSense
  9. Fifth Dimension
  10. In Context Solutions
  11. In Vivo BVA USA
  12. Interscope
  13. Retail Data LLC
  14. RTC
  15. Shopper Gauge (Rock-Tenn)
  16. SmartRevenue
  17. Spire LLC
  18. Tobii
  19. VeraQuest
  20. WSL Strategic Retail
Please call with questions – Mycontact info is below. Steve F.

Steve Frenda
Managing Director, Strategy and Development
The In-Store Marketing Institute
7400 Skokie Blvd.
Skokie, IL 60077
(O) 847-675-7400 ext. 178
(C) 847-533-9278


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