Is This The Beginning Of The End For Retail Print Circulars As We Know Them?

For some time now, I’ve anticipated the arrival of a digital application that would begin to signal a change in how retail prices are communicated to shoppers.

Today, national retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, CVS, etc. are printing some 50 million circulars per week. One has to wonder how many of those even get past the recycle bin.

While the “solution” presented below doesn’t provide the entire answer, in that it needs some additional maturation and development,  it begins to provide a glimpse of the possible.

The Rather Boring Shopping List of Our Household

This month, with a circulation of approximately 1mm per month (part of Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Group of magazines and websites) added an interactive tool called Grocery Circular Roundup that enables consumers to browse grocery circulars nationwide in real time. Consumers can also enter their shopping lists to match desired items with local sales. Users can search by product or brand and view products aisle-by-aisle, grouped by food category.

Items selected for purchase are added to a shopping list and fully integrated with printable manufacturer coupons that can be redeemed at the retailer.

In addition to the functionality offered to consumers and shoppers, manufacturers can place display advertising on the application. Advertisers can geo-target specific products and messages to specific users based on zip codes and retailer availability as well as by grocery category.

The application, Grocery Circular Roundup reports that it covers more than 275 U.S. grocery chains, representing approximately 49,000 grocery stores and drug stores that sell grocery products.


~ by sjfrenda on July 2, 2011.

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